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It’s impossible to imagine a home without furniture in it. Furniture & Upholstery is what sets the difference between an empty building and a home.

In time, you will need to seek the help of professional cleaners when your furniture starts to gather dirt and germs that make it displeasing to look at.

Regardless if it’s a spot stain on the ottoman or a juice spilled on the sectional sofa. Or you have a used couch but instead of throwing it away you want to have professionally cleaned to extend its life. No matter the situation, we can offer our service.

With about 2 decades of expertise in upholstery cleaning we’ve handled almost all kinds of upholstery and fabric that exists.

We’re proud to say our professional cleaning staff use only the best industry standard equipment and cleaning practices. That is why if you hire us to clean your furniture you have peace of mind knowing they’re handled by experts with years of experience.

The equipment we use is specific just for upholstery and furniture to ensure safety while we are deep cleaning. You don’t have to worry about mix-ups as we’re good at what we do. And you’ll be satisfied with the results. Should you feel otherwise, please do give us a call and we’ll happily go back to repeat the job, however, just know we haven’t had complaints like that for over 10 years. So you’re in safe hands!

No matter what type of furniture you have in your home, we will help you with your upholstery cleaning needs. We can get your sofas, bed, lounges, and others back to looking literally as good as new.

You can use our list followed below to select the particular service in which you happen to be trying to look for in and around Cachet.

Sofa Cleaning Furniture Cleaning Services Upholstery Cleaning Mattress Cleaning

Why not give us a call today on (289) 312-0067 and speak to one of our friendly staff right now to get your service booked in?

All About Our Team And Past Experience - Furniture Refresh Service

Searching for a organization who is an expert in anything and everything to do with mainly based within Cachet? Well, you've discovered us!

Possibly you have worked with other businesses which failed to suit your personal expectations? Well, your headaches are actually over. Whilst our company cleans, we get the task performed in the proper manner the very first time. The truth is, we don't get customers inquiring with us to go back in order to correct something. Because every thing is done properly the very first time.

- 100% satisfaction guarantee.

- Our very own workers are actually completely insured and vetted.

- We've convenient reservation slots. We might be have the ability to book you today!

- 'We clean, you relax' without a doubt is our very own slogan!

We are a knowledgeable company who only supplies the most effective solution possible. How? We've got internal instruction that every our employees will have to complete before visiting a client's building. And also it isn't going to make a difference if they've ten years past experience. These types of people still need to complete our very own tests. Because of this we know you only have the most effective work from us.

Irrespective the things you read earlier. We provide a number of services. We're able to carry out any variety of work be it a small job for some minor cleaning. Or maybe a large business enterprise and corporate contract.

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