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Do you need carpet cleaning in your commercial space? We do run a cleaning service in Courtice, On.

A clean looking and nice-smelling office often leaves a good first impression to anyone who walks into your workspace.

Carpets in commercial spaces get dirty quite fast and need require regular maintenance. No matter what kind of space you’re running, it can be a small shop, a huge cafe, a showroom or whatever. There will be coffee accidents, people dragging dirt around among other things that dirty a place of business.

We use only commercial grade cleaning processes and tools to make sure we completely remove all the stains as well as eliminate any foul odors on the carpets. Our process entails a 2-step strategy. First, we eliminate the stains, then we move on to general carpet cleaning. Each step supports the other. One targets specific stains, while the other covers the general carpet cleaning.

Specific areas such as hallways leading to the office, entryways, and exits will be given more attention due to the volume of foot traffic they normally get.

After the process, you’ll see your carpet now looks like new as if you just moved into the office yesterday.

Unlike some companies, we are very specific when it comes to the technicians we send out. We require all of them to go through intense in-house training before we allow them to work on-site. Because of that, you're assured that your workspace is safe with us when you book our commercial cleaning service.

With over 20 years on the job, we have recognized the importance of continuous workflow. That is why our booking system is flexible enough to allow you to book us at times when no one is in the establishment. Come opening, you’ll be welcomed by fresh clean carpets ready for use.

It is easy to use the table below to pick the exact service in which you might be looking for in and around Courtice.

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Why Us? Exactly Who Are We? Precisely What Practical Experience Do We Bring? - Regular Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Across the previous 2 decades. Our team has built up a amount of confidence around the local area of Courtice. Our team is recognized as the 'go to provider' with regards to from our skill.

Tired of being required to call back a firm since things were still messy? Well, our company certainly the complete reverse. There is a tiny internal company rule labeled 'once and done'. Our company never ever leave a site till the client is pleased and we acknowledge there isn't any possible odds our company would end up being phoned back to solve something. We get it completed right, the very first time!

- 100% happiness promise.

- All of our workforce are entirely protected and vetted.

- You can expect very flexible prearranged appointments. If you'll need our company today or alternatively later in the week or alternatively month. We can help.

- 'We clean, you relax' is definitely our very own saying!

Well before hitting the road and going to a customer's premises all employees go through a very detailed internal training plan. When we comes at your house. You definitely will know that you have got a extremely certified professional doing work.

From simple tasks in a home. All the way to the huge multi-story company buildings. We will take on almost any work you need done.

We can be reached on (289) 312-0067 to answer any question and lock in your booking.

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